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Have a look at our Program to know which part of the workshop you are interested to join. You are welcome to apply to one, two or the three parts.

If you also plan to attend the workshop please also visit our Problem submission to learn how to contribute to the workshop content.

Follow the link below to register, you will be redirected to our indico webpage.

Please understand that we have fundings to cover accommodation and transportation only for a small number of participants. We are therefore called to give precedence to those whose affiliation cannot cover expenses and/or to those that we believe can profit more from the participation to the event. You can definitely ask for some funding according to your situation (there will be a multiple choice in the registration questionnaire above), and we will do our best to accomodate everyone’s needs.

Here is our recommandation:

  • If you are a graduate student or a young researcher (with respect to your PhD defence date) new to the topics, we encourage you to register for Part I and Part II.
  • If you are a graduate student or a researcher already active in the school topics (e.g. you have at least one article out on the topic, does not matter whether it is published) and you feel Part II can be fruitful for you, we encourage you to register for Part II and Part III.
  • If you have been publishing on topics in the area since several years and the advanced courses involve topics you already know, we would be glad to see your registration for Part III, and we hope you consider open problem submission as well.
  • If you are an active researcher on topics that are not immediately related to the ones of the school (but in principle you believe they could be, if we put enough work into it ), and you want to learn more about TR, you are welcome to register for Part I, Part II, and Part III (please explain the in registration form how you think your field could be related to the school topics). We would also be happy to read your open problem submission.